Best Way To Unblock Those Gunky Plugholes

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There are all sorts of products on the market for keeping the downpipes from kitchens and bathrooms clear.  There’s nothing more unpleasant than finding ourselves wading in masses of grubby water when the shower tray plug seems to be blocked . . . not only is it unsightly, it smells unpleasant too.   So clearing loose hair and debris daily is an essential.  However, if any downpipe does get blocked, there are proprietary products for both kitchen or bathroom downpipes, all of which require extreme caution.  They contain corrosive ingredients  and generally the instructions include window opening, then carefully removing lid, pour the entire contents down the plughole, being attentive not to spil any or to breathe in at that moment.  Left to work for the minimum time suggested, these products somehow dissolve the mucky stuff  and it dispurses into the normal waterway.  After the time allowance, it’s usual to flush the pipwork out well with plenty of hot water.  Dispose of the bottle as instructed on the label.