Washroom Upgrades For Growing Family

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Plumbing is one of the essential trades.   When you need a plumber it is rarely in a quiet moment with nothing else on your mind.  There is usually some water based crisis looming that calls for the calm person in a boiler suit.  However, apart from the stopcocks that can’t be budged after winter, or the flooding after a frozen pipe has cracked during a sudden thaw, there are other needs for plumber.  Take the average family bathroom – they’re never big enough in a standard 30 year old house.  Once the babies have grown up into teen, where there’s space, it’s a good ideas to have a smaller bath but much bigger shower unit/s.  Also, taking out the free standing basin on pedestal and installing narrow gauge cabinet and work tops with inset basin is so space saving and  efficient for putting away all those bottles, packs, jars etc. etc.   There is nothing nicer than getting up to a calm, tidy and clean bathroom installation – shiny, modern and . . . clean!