That Stuck Shower Head Needs A Real Plumber

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It’s all very well leafing through the posh property magazines and choosing this bathroom or that kitchen from the thousands that feature every month.  In fact, it is one of the biggest selling home refurbishment themes – updating the sanitary ware and kitchen fitments.  With this activity though comes the small matter of plumbing.  Not everyone is as handy with a blowtorch and pipe bender .  . . .  sometimes they pretend they are and then get into a terrible fix when the pipework doesn’t bend to their needs, or does do but then breaks under the pressure.  There is nothing more frustraing for the owner of a brand new shiny bathroom and ensuite containing all the lastest shiny porcelain fitments, than finding the basin tap just doesn’t deliver the goods, or that the hair washing shower head attached tot the bath suddenly stops working efficiently.  this is when you definitely need a rpfoessional plumber – who will not only fix the immediate problem But will also check the rest of the pipework leading to and from the injured utility, to ensure no further problems lurk in the vicinity.